MagicGarden Close up
  Healing of the Earth Mother. The angel in pink is symbolic of healing and the return of peace and health to the earth and all living beings upon it. Flowing waters indicate abundance and prosperity. Pure clean waters. The fairy to the right of the screen holds a butterfly who has recently emerged from the chrysalis tranformed. The butterfly's purpose will be to pollinate the beneficial plants that add to our health as human beings on this planet. One life benefits another. A little fairy sitis in a daisy playing a tune by the light of the moon as a butterfly attentively rests peacefully. The fairies are the magic and wonder in life, the essence by which beauty and light may be seen and felt at any time of our lives. The magnificence of the creative mind coming to life out of love. I created this piece because so many chemicals are put into this planet year after year. Toxins and pollutants are effecting all life and the pollinators who's purpose is to visit the very same plants that are sprayed to keep "pests" away. We can not effect one life without effecting another. This planet is the heritage of the children of today and these chemicals are effecting our lives too. What we do to the Earth we also do to ourselves and the children of the future. What is happening now globally is not how it is intended by nature. Our survival depends upon the health of this planet and we need to care as parents, mentors, human beings. The butterflies touch my life with thier beauty as do all living beings. One of the most beautiful moments I have ever seen is a child who finds wonder in this magnificantly beautiful world that we live in and I believe we need to preserve and cherish that, we need to care. Simply by changing what products we use in our homes, take some actions to be aware and kinder to the planet, think about what effects we will have over the long term. There is only one earth. She has always brought to me such gratitude by the miracles that touch my life, even something so simple and beautiful as a butterfly. Created with love always:)  

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