Tree of Abundance Close up

"Abundance is love in many forms, it is the universe saying to you that you are loved, you will be cared for and taken care of in all ways, your needs will be fulfilled. Your dreams and purpose fulfilled. Abundance means to me "I will fill you with positive and take care of you." It has always been a positive word to me. To me it is about value and value in ones purpose and that being validated by the universe, it is also love of oneself. Love of what you are doing and have to bring to the world. It is also an appreciation of life and ones own life."

The world sits and waits,
Fragile and strong,
Peaceful and full to the brim,
Harmed and Healing,
Lost and not found.

We hold her life in our hands,
We seek to find the truth,
If we but thought to ask the questions,
She has whispered the answers for years,
Perhaps soon to roar.

Wealth and beauty,
Not things to own,
Can't buy our way out.
If we but look,
Sitting in front of us all along.

Hope and healing.
Trust and understanding.
Love and kindness.
Peace and happiness.
She is home.

~ Kitty (The Hockman Girl)

I love this poem by my friend Kitty. She is such an amazing person who not only is beautiful and talented herself but has
started her very own Animal Rescue called Hockman Ranch! Please visit Kitty's blog at the link above!
Kitty has also inspired my artwork! Please see "Mother Goose" on my silhouette page it's about a gaggle
of geese she rescued:)


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